You may have noticed, I left all the sculptures’ names unsaid as to allow the viewer to create her own aesthetical judgement. I didn’t want to superimpose my personal relation on viewer’s perception. That being said I allowed myself to quote words of wisdom from Lao Tzu, the founder of taoism.

In the creation of my works I followed guidelines that made themselves apparent along the course of a “maturation” of a piece. I allowed each work to guide me by itself in the most natural of ways. By doing so organic forms began to appear that in a segment may be similar to curve of a blade of grass or the shape of branch,.. Simplicity is the direction in which I want to course my artistic journey and explore the core essence of pure form.

Creative process is a way of constant discovery in explorations of worlds that surpass its’ practical boundaries and originate in places of pure and vibrant beauty. I treat myself fortunate to be blessed with an insight in these dimensions and would feel truly satisfied if I somehow managed to illuminate a passage to these worlds with my works.